DISTTYPE Case Statement for Great Plains

Victoria Yudin has some very useful information on the web but, I need a practical script for SQL. Now you can have it too.

cast(case DISTTYPE when 1  THEN 'Cash'  
WHEN 2  THEN 'Payable'  
WHEN 3  THEN 'Discount Available'
WHEN 4  THEN 'Discount Taken'  
WHEN 5  THEN 'Finance Charge' 
WHEN 6  THEN 'Purchase' 
WHEN 7  THEN 'Trade Disc.'
WHEN 8  THEN 'Misc. Charge' 
WHEN 9  THEN 'Freight' 
WHEN 10  THEN 'Taxes' 
WHEN 11  THEN 'Writeoffs'
WHEN 12  THEN 'Other' 
WHEN 13  THEN 'GST Disc' 
WHEN 14  THEN 'PPS Amount' 
WHEN 16  THEN 'Round'
WHEN 17  THEN 'Realized Gain' 
WHEN 18  THEN 'Relaized Loss' 
WHEN 19  THEN 'Due To'
WHEN 20  THEN 'Due From' end as nvarchar(50)) as DistributionType

Thanks to Victoria Yudin for the source data. https://victoriayudin.com/gp-tables/pm-tables/