Budget Form for people who need one

This is the form that I use for a seven month budget. 

Budget Form for Friends

I have spoken with several people about the simple budget form that I’m using to help keep my self on track. I’ve been asked for it over 20 times so I’m putting it online.

  • The top section is for Expenses that you might share with another person in your household.
  • The bottom section is for items that you are paying as an individual.

While the expense values in this sheet are really mine the Income has been anonymized low enough to cover the outgo.

In this example the person would only be clearing $370 a month with this income and expense amounts.’

I used the last 3 average amounts on my bills to come up with the budgeted bill amounts.

This form is used at the risk of the user. www.mylesyamada.com makes no warranties, claims and is free from any damages that any one may seek in the future. I am not a CPA and I’m not giving or selling financial advise. This is a tool that I use in my own personal life and is meant for that purpose only.

I hope this helps.